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Do you suffer from bloating? Diarrhoea? Constipation? Abdominal pain? Flatulence?


These are just some of the ways that IBS can affect you.

Diet plays a vital role in treating IBS symptoms.


Of special interest to Ruth is the Low FODMAP diet.

Ruth has recently completed her training as a FODMAP tutor.

The Low FODMAP diet is a revolutionary new nutritional approach for the treatment of IBS.

It originated from research in Monash University, Australia. 


This research has scientifically proven that the low FODMAP diet is more effective

than traditional nutritional advice for IBS.



The low FODMAP diet is approximately 75% effective in improving the IBS symptoms.


The low FODMAP diet is quite challenging especially at the start.

It is vital that you get the support of a FODMAP trained Dietitian in order to

overcome these challenges.


I would recommend at least 3 appointments minimum to achieve this support. First appointment will last approximately 60 minutes and 2 review appointment of 45 minutes each.


Fees for Nutrition4u IBS Programme which incorporates the 3 appointments are (1) €260 total paid at 1st Appt., or (2) €130 paid in 2 instalments at 1st and 2nd Appt. All Consultation fees can be claimed back as part of your Health Insurance costs or via the Med 1 form available from the www.revenue.ie. Please note we operate a no refund policy.


"I can honestly say that deciding to see Ruth has vastly improved my health and day-to-day life. I had been suffering from IBS symptoms daily for nearly 2 years and was told by doctors to follow a low FODMAP diet, I was quite daunted at the idea of taking this on myself so I contacted Ruth for an appointment. Ruth was very informative and clear about the strategy we would take, following the diet by specific food groups and keeping a food and symptom diary to tease out which foods were causing the problems. It became clear very quickly that I had an intolerance to gluten and a few other foods and since cutting those my symptoms are non-existent. I would highly recommend Ruth." Siobhán O'N, Midleton



"Thanks so much Ruth for all your help in turning my Irritable Bowel Syndrome around so that I could live without pain.  I came to you in a bad state, with constant day to day pain, bloatedness, weight-gain, constipation to name but a few symptoms.  I had no idea that what i was eating had a major impact on me physically.  You brought me through all food groups step by step which helped change my day to day eating habits, resulting in a pain-free lifestyle, not to mention the weight-loss & a properly working bowel (who knew).  When I slip from healthy eating, I can go back over your notes to get right back on track.  What I like about your clinic, is that you provide consultation appointments to suit my schedule and my needs. Thanks again Ruth, I will definitely return periodically to stay on track. You're a gem!!" Claire F, Glanmire


“I went to Ruth about 6 weeks ago and I was in very bad form and suffering a lot with bowel and stomach pain.  I had already been diagnosed as having IBS but didn't get any constructive advice from the hospital as to how to handle it.  Ruth was very professional and very compassionate and I trusted her completely after my first visit.

Initially she advised me to come off wheat completely and to keep a food diary.  I did this and both exercises proved very helpful.  Through talking things out with Ruth on my second visit we figured out that certain nuts and in particular peanut butter wasn't doing me any favours I had noted in the diary the amount of times I had felt unwell after having it, this was my staple lunch for work as I was suffering so much I was afraid to try anything else.
Ruth put me on the low FODMAP diet which I am finding very helpful.  The most important help that has really given me back a quality to my life is, when,  through gentle probing and discussing, it came out that I was suffering dreadful constipation and this was the cause of most of my discomfort.  Ruth advised me to ask my doctor to prescribe a certain laxative which I did and this has made a huge difference to my life. I am feeling much better in every-way. I was bloated, tired and irritable for such a long time and am now almost back to my old self much calmer and happier in myself. I can't wait for my family to see me I look so much healthier altogether.
I felt very comfortable with Ruth and as I said trusted her after the first visit.  She was determined to get to the bottom of my problem (pardon the pun) and she persevered until the solution came. Thanks again for everything Ruth and best of luck with the practice.”
Clódagh, East Cork


“Well before I came to the clinic, I was very hesitant and wasn't expecting much as a result!  I didn't think the clinic would help me achieve what I wanted for so long…relief from IBS! But I'm very happy to say my experience was definitely an amazing one and I’m thrilled that I made the choice to come. I'd without doubt recommended your clinic to others with similar problems, as it was so helpful & informative. While I was there, it helped me and my body so much. Many thanks Ruth.” Danielle O’G, North Cork.


"I went to Ruth Reidy because I had two problems. Firstly I wanted to lose weight and secondly I had serious trouble with constipation. I had tried a lot of diets previously and although I could lose weight I could do nothing about the constipation. After consulting with Ruth we decided to go forward with the FODMAP diet and the change has been amazing. I immediately became more regular AND started to lose weight. I also feel less bloated and have less trouble with gas. Thank you Ruth!" Maria V, Cork City.