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For Advice about Nutrition, ask a Dietitian

Find me on Facebook3 Month Nutrition4u Healthier Weight Programme


Why would you need to attend?


Get the advice & support from a Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian
& member of the I.N.D.I. to help you be a healthier weight.


Find out how to reduce weight healthily and successfully.

Long-term Weight Management is the core of the programme.


No fad diets. No special bars or shakes need to be purchased.

Advice adjusted to suit any medical conditions, e.g.: Diabetes, Coeliac disease, etc.

Individual Appointments. Realistic weight reduction goals will be discussed.

Costs are covered in part or fully by your Health Insurance Company




What's Involved?  

Individual 3 Month Programme:- First Visit and 6 Fortnightly Visits 

First Visit: Initial Nutritional Assessment, detailed Dietary Assessment, Meal Plan and individual written information given including a specific healthy eating plan.  


Intensive follow-up for 6 Fortnightly Review Appointments. Each Fortnight your Weight and Waist Circumference will be checked 


Each Fortnight a new topic on how to reduce weight will be discussed. Further follow-up appointments can be made after the 6 fortnightly appts.


Topics include Food Portions, Physical activity plan, Reading Food labels, Your Shopping basket,

Recipes/Cooking methods & Motivations for Lifestyle Change.



Fees for Individual 3 month Nutrition4u Healthier Weight Programme are (1) €490 total paid at 1st Appt., (2) €250 paid in 2 instalments at 1st and 2nd Appt, or (3) €160 plus €60 x 6 Appt. All fees may be claimed back from your Health Insurance company as part of your Out-Patient expenses. Please note we operate a no refund policy.


All Consultation fees can be claimed back as part of your Health Insurance costs or via the Med 1 form available from the www.revenue.ie


“I got referred to a Dietitian through a Consultant to help manage my medical condition and, if possible, lose some weight and get healthier. I researched a number of potential Dietitians and went with Ruth due to her qualifications, good reputation and really accessible working hours. I definitely made the right decision. At the end of the 12 weeks of the Nutrition4u programme I was able to manage my condition much better and I lost 22lbs. I managed all this without being able to exercise frequently or go on extreme diets. I lost the weight through education on sensible eating and portion control. Ruth thought me how to make better choices based on my medical condition and what I liked, not what I “should” be eating accordingly to some book or weight loss plan. This made the eating plan very easy to stick to which makes it ideal for a long term plan. Even after the programme I still return to Ruth on a regular basis and the weight is still going down, even with the odd BBQ and night out along the way! I would highly recommend Ruth for long term success in managing your health.
Patrick H, Midleton


“Very simple guide to follow.  No extreme sacrifices required. Good living and good eating. No hunger. Eat what you need to eat – sensibly. If you commit, then the weight will fall at a healthy rate. I felt great and energy levels were raised within the week. Highly recommended.” Terry J, Cork City


"Having being referred to Ruth Reidy through my GP, I feared the worst regarding the punishment I was going to be put through to lose weight. To my surprise, Ruth's promotion of healthy eating and living is easy to follow, enjoyable and extremely successful. Over are punitive diets! She has so far helped me to lose over four stone in four months and I never once felt like I was dieting or in any way restricting my enjoyment of life. I consider myself lucky to have gotten the right advice, from the right person, at the right time. I would most certainly recommend Ruth to anyone who has the need for weight management or weight loss." Brendan A, Cobh


"Just a note to say that I am delighted with my weight loss to date, 12.5 lbs in 6 weeks! I have simply followed your food plan, increased my exercise gradually, which I must admit was zero prior to this; I am not hungry, feeling much healthier and beginning to see the difference in my clothes. Prior to attending your clinic, I had tried every other diet and weight loss programme with some short term success which however was unsustainable in the long term. Your food plan consists of healthy food, no gimmicks, no supplements, and no substitute meals. I am confident that this time with your advice and encouragement, I will reach a healthy weight and maintain the lifestyle change. Thank you," Una C, Midleton, Co. Cork.